The Trulli of Alberobello

And why not treat yourself to a holiday within a holiday? Alberobello, the town in the centre of the Itria Valley, is about 250 km from Camping Village San Michele and is famous for its Trulli, the typical dry-stone buildings made of limestone, a technique dating back to prehistoric times and still in use today. The shape and structure of the Trulli date back to ancient agricultural traditions and practices. These constructions were often used as rural dwellings, but also as agricultural stores. The lack of mortar allowed for rapid construction and demolition, a common practice during the medieval period to avoid taxes. Alberobello is the only town in which there is an entire district of trulli and has been a  UNESCO World Heritage  site since 1996. Strolling through the streets winding through the Rioni Monti and Aia Piccola districts will be like being transported into a fairytale with a unique landscape. You will also have the opportunity to climb up to the small terraces between the trulli from where you can admire the enchanting town from above, which will be even more magical at sunset!

Many  Trulli  have been restored and converted into shops, restaurants, or offered as tourist accommodation. These unique structures attract visitors from all over the world. Every year, Alberobello hosts the ' Festa dei Trulli ', a celebration that involves the local community and visitors with events, music, dancing and cultural displays.