Trabucchi of the Gargano along the coast between Vieste and Peschici

Trabucchi are picturesque coastal fishing structures that dot the beautiful Gargano coastline. These traditional constructions bear witness to ancient artisanal fishing techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Construction Structure:  Trabucchi are made mainly of wood and metal and stand on pillars fixed in the rock or planted directly into the ground. The main structure comprises an elevated platform supported by long legs jutting out from the shore or cliffs.Equipped with cables, antennas, a large net and a pulley that manoeuvres it out of the water.

Fishing mechanism:  At the centre of the platform is a horizontal rod called a 'seine' or 'antenna'. This rod supports a large funnel-shaped net, with a portion that can be lowered into the sea. Fishermen use a system of ropes and pulleys to quickly lower the net into the water when they spot a school of fish. When pulling up the net, the 'coppo', a kind of long net, was used to pull up the fish.

Strategic Position:   Trabucchi are strategically placed along the coast, often on rocky headlands or areas with fish-rich waters. Location is crucial to maximise fishing performance.

Tradition:  The use of Trabucchi dates back centuries and reflects the deep connection between the local community and the sea. The practice of building and using trabucchi has been passed down from generation to generation, becoming an integral part of the Gargano fishing tradition.

Enchanting Panorama :  In addition to their practical function, trabucchi add a picturesque element to the coastal landscape of the Gargano. Their distinctive silhouettes stand out against the sky and the sea, creating an evocative and fascinating atmosphere.

Where Trabucchi are and how to visit them

Some of the trabucchi have been restored and opened to the public, allowing visitors to explore these fascinating structures, learn about the local fishing tradition and enjoy spectacular views of the coastline, while others have been converted into restaurants where excellent fresh fish can be enjoyed. The association  La Rinascita dei Trabucchi Storici  organises guided tours and fishing demonstrations, for information visit their official  website.