What to do in San Giovanni Rotondo on a day trip

1. Visit the Sanctuary of Padre Pio: The Sanctuary of San Pio is the most important place in San Giovanni Rotondo. You can visit the New Church, the Old Church, the Convent and the Cloister. Attend a mass or prayer to experience the spiritual atmosphere of the place.

2. Visit the Padre Pio Museum: The Padre Pio Museum offers a collection of personal items, documents and photographs related to the life of Padre Pio. You can learn more about the life and works of the saint.

3. "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza" Hospital: Visit the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital, founded by Padre Pio. Besides being a medical facility, it is a place of spirituality and hospitality.

4. Attend a Religious Celebration: If possible, attend a religious celebration at the sanctuary or other local churches. The experience of liturgy and prayer can enrich your spiritual journey.

5. Bosco delle Querce: If you want to spend time in nature, visit the Bosco delle Querce, a green area around San Giovanni Rotondo, ideal for relaxing walks.

6. Pilgrimage to the Station of Via Crucis: Follow the route of the Stations of the Cross leading from the convent to Calvary, reflecting on the Passion of Christ.

7. Explore the Old Town: Walk through the city's historic centre, with its cobbled streets, picturesque squares and traditional buildings. Stop at local cafés to savour Apulian cuisine.

8. Explore the surroundings: San Giovanni Rotondo is located in a region, the Gargano, rich in natural and historical beauty. Take time to explore the surroundings, including places such as Monte Sant'Angelo, the Foresta Umbra and the beaches on the south coast.   San Giovanni Rotondo is about 69 km from Camping Village San Michele and can be reached by driving along the Litoranea Vieste-Peschici, in the direction of Vieste, turning onto the SP 52bis and continuing along the roads through the Foresta Umbra following the road signs.