"La Salata" Natural Archaeological Oasis Necropolis

Just  3 km from Camping Village San Michele is the historic 'La Salata' necropolis. This is an evocative, silent place that represents the  oldest evidence of Christianity  on the Gargano. It consists of an early Christian burial complex formed by seven hypogea and comprising over 300 tombs excavated in the rock both on the ground and vertically on the wall, and is crossed by a stream that also gives it its name. In all of the hypogea, earthen tombs, wall loculi and loculi with arcosoli can be seen. 
To safeguard this historical jewel, visits are only permitted at scheduled times and accompanied by local guides who will explain the history of this cemetery in detail. The site is easily accessible and can be reached by car, with free parking available, or by taking the buses that run along the coast road to Vieste, leaving from the campsite and stopping at the entrance to the Salata.
History lovers will undoubtedly appreciate this spiritual place! All information on up-to-date timetables for guided tours can be found on the Vieste Cultural Centre's Facebook page.