Gargano's most beautiful beaches

Gargano, the jewel of the Adriatic coast, is famous for the variety and beauty of its beaches, characterised by fine sands, crystal-clear waters and unspoilt natural landscapes. Along the coast that stretches from Rodi Garganico to Vieste, passing through Peschici, you will find shallow, sandy seabeds, ideal for families with children. The coast stretching from Vieste to Mattinata presents a diverse landscape with beaches characterised by rocky seabeds, white cliffs and colourful pebbles. Although access to these beaches may require a little more effort, often via paths or steps, visitors are amply rewarded with breathtaking natural spectacles.

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Cala del Turco

Situated on an enchanting stretch between Cala Lunga and the bay of Gusmay, the picturesque Cala, whose name evokes sad memories of Turkish pirate raids along our shores, today presents itself as a haven of serenity and beauty. Once the scene of adventures and dangers, the Cala now offers an oasis of relaxation, a place to enjoy the warmth of the sun and bathe in crystal-clear waters, like many of the bays along our beautiful coastline.

The beach, which is completely free, is easily accessible by following a path from a side road of the coastal road S.P.52 that descends gently towards the sandy shore, offering visitors a breathtaking view along the way.

Map of the most beautiful Gargano beaches